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Professional guidance to companies
in process of issuing

merger, acquisition, privatization—from deal to issuing, with close guidance

One of our main areas of expertise is guiding companies in their issuing process. We understand the complexity involved in issuing a firm and from our experience, the key to a successful process is close guidance by a team characterized by a high level of responsibility, broad knowledge, and special expertise; to this we are committed. In Total Finance we guide the firm through all stages of the process – from assessment of the deal’s profitability, formation of its structure, representation, all the way until its closing. Be it a merger, an acquisition, or privatization – the company benefits from professional service, specially suited to its needs. Such delicate processes require:

  • Expertise – our professionals specialize in issuing shares of stock for mergers and acquisitions, privatization and restructuring. They are meticulous in sticking to all of the details required for proper issuing, in accordance with the law.

  • Availability – we do the utmost to enable issuing of the firm at the right market timing, both from the standpoint of our ability to respond to changes during the process, and keep the schedule. In short, whatever it takes to carry out the deal under the best possible conditions.

  • Thoroughness – seeing the whole picture and analyzing it accordingly is the basis for success in guiding companies through the issuing process. We gather and examine the data in the most comprehensive way, from trends, events and developments in the company’s macro-economic environment, to detailed information regarding its financial performance, commitments, assets, and customers.

Guiding firms in the issuing process is a job for experts, and Total Finance has accumulated a great deal of experience in this area. Our ability to provide a complete, quick and professional solution, combined with guidance through the entire process, is a distinct advantage and a key to success.

Seeking professional guidance through your issuing process?
Call us at: 972-8-8526010.

Accounting, bookkeeping and financial management services through outsourcing

one stop shop financial solutions.

The main advantage in switching to outsourced accounting, bookkeeping and financial management services is the savings it brings. Instead of employing three different professionals, managing and monitoring their work, and coordinating and cross-checking information, we invite you to choose effectiveness.

At Total Finance we provide all three services under one roof, thus maximizing our ability to provide your firm with the most complete financial solution package. The knowledge that your financial department is working like a well-oiled machine brings your firm the peace of mind needed for growth.

Our services include:

Outsourced accounting services – current streamlining

  • Financial consulting and management in your corporate offices or at our office.

  • Constructing a budget, and comparison reports which compare to the actual state of affairs.

  • Consulting on and management of cash flow.

  • Profitability and streamlining reports.

Outsourced bookkeeping services – organization and arrangement of financial information

  • Double-entry bookkeeping.

  • Dual currency bookkeeping for multinational firms.

  • Preparation of reports and payment of monthly reports to tax authorities.

  • Bank adjustments.

  • Adjustment of all bookkeeping ledger cards: suppliers, customers, cashier, employees, debtors and creditors.

Outsourced financial manager services – building a stable economic future

  • Current monitoring of the state of the company.

  • Conducting of negotiations with the banks, off-bank credit firms, and more.

  • Management of financial risks.

  • Assistance in the making of business and economic decisions.

  • Planning of future steps for the company.

At Total Finance we believe in full transparency, and work done in a well-organized, orderly manner so that the information is properly filed and easily accessible, including reports and updates for every relevant change which comes along. The choice of outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, and financial management services ensures proper economic administration, thus enabling financial control of the business’s activity and orderly planning of its economic future.

Call us at: 972-8-8526010

Incentives Department - Cooperating to Grow

Incentives Department – Cooperating to Grow

The growth of a business is based on its ability to identify the opportunities it encounters and to utilize them in the best way possible.

The Ministry of Economy and the Tax Authority make a wide variety of financing solutions available to companies, in addition to tax benefits for establishing or expanding business activities in Israel. Only by being deeply familiar on how to receive these benefits, the obligations they incur, and understanding a business’ needs, can long term value be achieved.

Total Finance works closely with Avner Vaknin, an expert in the field of receiving grants and tax benefits, in order to provide comprehensive support for you business.

Mr. Vaknin has over 17 years of experience in business consultation to companies (small, medium and large), government institutions and investors for the preparation of business plans and requests for grants and tax benefits.
In addition, Avner has vast experience in consulting and supporting Israeli and international companies during processes of mergers and acquisitions to attain the authorizations required by the relevant authorities (Chief Scientist, Israeli Investment Center, and Tax Authority).

Vaknin offers a wide collection of services that provides a solution for a business in every stage of its growth:

  • Analyzing the company’s business needs and identifying relevant sources of government benefits and financing.

  • Analyzing the accompanying obligations when receiving grants and benefits.

  • Assisting the company to receive the relevant authorizations prior to actions in the company, such as changing the business model, the transfer of manufacturing or knowledge abroad, etc.

  • Preparing business plans and submitting requests for:

    • Receiving R & D grants from The Office of the Chief Scientist and from international funds.

    • Receiving investment grants or employment from the Israel Investment Center.

    • Receiving grants for carrying out marketing programs and taking part in international projects.

    • Receiving tax benefits resulting from the Law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments.

Incentives Department – Everything a business needs to grow wisely.

Internal auditing and SOX services

enhancing your internal financial management, and enabling efficient decision-making.

Internal auditing is an essential activity for the proper functioning and growth of a company. Having a full, clear financial picture of the firm makes it easy to arrive at the correct decisions and manage risks in a controlled, effective way. The purpose of internal auditing and SOX services is to analyze the firm’s operative and accounting processes, pinpoint problems, and give effective recommendations for improving the firm’s internal control mechanisms. We at Total Finance believe in providing complete, professional solutions. Our team is made up of professionals in accounting, as well as the complementary areas of internal auditing and IT systems. By means of comprehensive internal auditing and SOX services combined with precise analysis capabilities, we give the firm the ability to respond to problems in real time, enhance its internal processes, and manage its risks in a secure and efficient way.

Our services include:

  • Risk analysis, aimed at locating specific focal points of risk.

  • Documentation and mapping of processes and elements which influence financial statements.

  • Inspection of effectiveness versus efficacy in connection with management auditing and implementation in the field.

  • Receipt of detailed status report including recommendations for improvement.

  • Internal auditing reports in accordance with the firms’ request.

Our team provides guidance and instruction, as well as the most individual, professional service, thus enabling your company to easily implement the new regulations (The Goshen Committee) and maximize its internal financial performance.

Seeking effective internal auditing and SOX services?
Call us at: 972-8-8526010

Payroll accounting services

taking care of your employees while freeing your time for the business.

Payroll accounting services require a great deal of patience, constant monitoring and alertness. By its very nature, it absorbs time and resources. Instead of dealing with all the bureaucracy on your own, we invite you to get in touch with us. Total Finance specializes in the entire range of outsourced accounting services. We attend to your employees from recruitment to severance, with responsibility for all relevant financial aspects: salaries, submitting of reports, deductions, and general administration.

Having your human resources in good hands allows you to focus on core management activity and company growth. Payroll accounting services not only save you time, they have additional advantages too:

  • Real time solution – as opposed to various payroll accounting software packages with their inherent limitations, our team is able to respond creatively and flexibly, creating the tracks suitable to your firm.

  • Maintenance-free – the switch to outsourced accounting services saves you the costs of maintenance, service and training involved with the use of payroll accounting software.

  • Your business comes first – it is important to us to be available to you, and provide you with a quick, efficient response to every need.

We at Total Finance believe in high-quality payroll accounting services, based on broad, up-to-date knowledge, individual caring attention and results which speak for themselves.

Do you want to save time while gaining high-quality service?
Now is the time to switch to outsourced payroll accounting services.
Call us at: 972-8-8526010

Certified Payroll Auditor services

watching over your business

Hiring the services of a Certified Payroll Auditor is an investment in savings and security. No business is interested in legal claims due to illegal employment conditions. Large corporations and firms commonly outsource their housekeeping, security, and catering to subcontractor firms which provide them with external workers in these areas. When working with an intermediary body, there are liable to be gaps in employment conditions which expose the company to legal claims and lawsuits. We at Total Finance specialize in providing payroll auditor services, thus ensuring that your firm is working in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, and protected from legal claims and lawsuits.

When providing Certified Payroll Auditor services, we are committed to:

  • Service – our people shall explain to you precisely which regulations and criteria are examined, shall be available for questions and clarifications, and do their utmost to provide quick, professional solutions.

  • Thoroughness – we understand the gravity of this issue; therefore, we emphasize knowledge of the most up-to-date laws, understanding of firm owners’ requirements, and attention to the minutest details.

  • Order – at the end of the audit, a report shall be submitted to you, including a description of the findings. In the event of any deviations, we shall assist in correcting them in cooperation with the particular subcontractor.

Do you want to make sure that your business is protected?
Ensure this by hiring Certified Payroll Auditor services.
Call us at: 972-8-8526010

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